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Please look here for the Archives of Research Seminars from previous academic years

Forthcoming sessions in 2011:

December Thursday 9th – Sheila Webber (Sheila Yoshikawa) – see machinima below.
January Thursday 13th – Tim Johnson (Bluesky Larkham) – See notes below.
February Thursday 24th – Mark Childs (Gann McGann) – see machinima below.
March Thursday 31st – Shailey Minocha (Shailey Garfield) – see machinima below
April Thursday 28th – Ralph Schroeder (Mondaugen Knutson) – see machinima below.
May Thursday 19th – Anna Peachy (Elsa Dickins) – see machinima below.
June Thursday 30th – There is no meeting this day I’m away at a conference, I’ll try to add to the blog from there.
July Thursday 28th – Unfortunately Dave can’t be with us for this session so we are arranging it for next semester. We are just going to have a slightly longer holiday than usual 🙂The Rhetoric of Openess in Virtual Worlds (Dave White from the Department of Continuing Education, Oxford University)
August – Closed for summer holidays 🙂

Starting in September our tentative list of speakers includes: Tom Beollstorff, Shailey Minocha, Gemma Tombs and Dave White. Tom’s session will have to be at tea time instead of lunch as he is way over in California but I’ll give you more details nearer the time. Have a lovely summer everyone – hope the weather improves for all you Brits 🙂

Hi Everyone! You are very welcome to come to the Research Seminars we hold on University of Worcester Island in Second Life once a month.

The Seminars are led by a different person each month. Each person has carried out research into education in Second Life, the researchers come from a range of different backgrounds and include Educational Technologists, Lecturers, Librarians, Sim Managers and VW Technology Developers.

The Seminars are held:

  • On Thursdays
  • At 1200hrs GMT (or BST in the Summer), that’s 4am SLT,
  • last for about one hour
  • The speakers might use voice instead of text so please check your earphones before hand.

Please remember to bring a packed lunch 🙂
Advertisements for the exact date each month are sent out in advance. If you would like to know more please send a Note Card to Bluesky Larkham or email Tim Johnson

Academic Year 2010-2011
Here we are at the start of another round of Research Seminars at the University of Worcester island in Second Life. Well nearly the start, I’m afraid we didn’t record either Dave White’s or Mark Childs’ Seminars about their research but I’m sure we will get them back again soon – they’re not just interesting they’re fun too 🙂

This page for the Research Seminars, will hopefully make it easier for you to find them when the machinima are posted each month.

Ian Upton (Ian Pahute in SL) the CEO of Get Real Solutions, has very kindly organised the creation of the machinima of the Seminars for us.

Anna Peachey – 19.05.2011

We are really luck to have such interesting speakers. Anna’s talk about her work with the Open University was fantastic and generated lots of questions from the audience. You can find the recording of Anna’s talk below.

Anna’s talk was entitled, “Can a tiger wear a turban and still be a student?” and it’s focus was on how different identities are contextually mediated in a virtual world. Anna spent 4 years (2006-2010) researching identity and community in virtual worlds as a Teaching Fellow with the COLMSCT CETL at The Open University UK. She continues to teach, study and research with The Open University, and manages their virtual world project through Eygus Ltd. She has published widely on activity in virtual worlds and will be chairing the second international conference on Researching Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments in 2011 ( Anna is Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming Springer book series on Immersive Environments. Anna and her avatar are slowly becoming one – she is expecting to see wing buds any day now.

Anna Peachey’s talk

Ralph Schroeder – 28.04.2011

Ralph is currently Senior Research Fellow and director of research at the Oxford Internet Institute. Before coming to Oxford University, he was Professor in the School of Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers University in Gothenburg (Sweden). He has published more than a hundred papers, and his recent books are Rethinking Science, Technology and Social Change (Stanford University Press, 2007) and Being There Together: Social Interaction in Virtual Environments (Oxford University Press, 2010)).

I’ll write a little here about Ralph’s visit just as soon as I correct my mistake from last month! In the meantime below is the video *and audio* of Ralph’s visit. It takes a little while to load, about a minute or two so please don’t rush it. The video is the whole thing with just a few long pauses taken out so it lasts for just over an hour – be prepared 🙂 I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Ralph’s research comes from a very different angle from what we are used to and I think everyone will benefit from listening to his talk – it jogs us out of some of our comfortable ruts. We really hope that Ralph will come again and bring his different viewpoint to our discussions. Thanks for coming Ralph it was great 🙂

Ralph Schroeder’s talk

Shailey Minocha – 31.03.2011

Arrgh! Shailey I’m so sorry I just realised I wrote about your visit in the wrong place. I’ll get that sorted right away.

Shailey’s talk was on Supporting distributed team working in 3D virtual worlds – how a 3D virtual world facilitates socialization and team working among students working on a team project at a distance. (Shailey Garfield – Shailey Minocha from the Department of Computing at the Open University)

Here we are Shailey’s talk in March. We all had a very interesting time – we all envied Shailey as she was in Goa and we have to give her a really, really big thank you for taking time out of her holiday to join us – please come again Shailey and tell us more about your research. Sorry about the lack of sound folks but I’m learning about this stuff very slowly 😦

Shailey Minocha’s talk

Elsa’s summary-2011.03

Mark Childs – 24.02.2011

At last we have a machinima – no voice – but a video. I have used the Chat log to re-create the discussion we had. I took out all the umms, errs and lols and the video is now about 15 minutes long. It has to be less than 15 minutes to go on uTube. I have used some of Marks documents to provide further feedback about most of the topics. These and some of the other topics we discussed you will find as new posts on the Home page so please do carry on with discussions on any of the topics that catch your fancy 🙂 This is the handout Mark provided. The handout is taken from a publication by Mark and Anna (Peachey).

From Mark’s comment: “I’d like to reinstate though my reference for the quotation that starts “if we ditched every technology which someone just didn’t want to use” . It’s from John Kirriemuir’s Zen and the Art of Avatar Maintenance.”

Tim Johnson – 13.01.2011

Unfortunately our camera crew got struck by a power outage just as we were about to start. So this week we do not have a machinima for you. We had lots of feedback last time, thanks very much to everyone who took the time to talk to us. We had lots of thanks and some suggestions on what things could be improved upon. We had picked up on a lot of them ourselves but a few were things we hadn’t thought of. We are working on how to make sure you all get what you need from the machinima and how to make sure that power cuts don’t affect us too much in the future 🙂

We did have a really good seminar. I talked about how there are lots of different types of community and how we have to try to create all of these to produce a good learning environment for students. We all had our own experiences to draw on as examples of the different types of community and our success or otherwise of using them with

Picture of the seminar table and screens

Early in the session

students. We also explored some of the different types of community in more depth and started to identify where the concepts of community linked with concepts from VWs and pedagogy. The hour was all too quickly over and we all had to dash back to the corporeal world. I have put the few slides I used on SlideShare.

Sheila Webber – 09.12.2010

Ian has created this machinima of the Seminar presented by Sheila Webber from University of Sheffield.

I will ask Sheila if we can display or link to the slides she used. If I obtain permission I will put the link here.
Thanks Sheila – sorry everyone that this took so long to get out to you.

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