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MOVENOTE app: add more to your presentations | Life Feast

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This afternoon, I learned about a website and app which allows us to upload a presentation either from our computer or from google drive and record our voice and image using our webcam. http://www.movenote.com/


Karen Johnson‘s insight:

I’ve scooped this simply because a friend and I were talking about this type of technology.  Nice to hear someone talking about the flipped classroom too.

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A quiz a day keeps poor grades away?

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Could a quiz a day keep the bad grades away? A study published last week in PLOS ONE by professors from the University of Texas-Austin showed that giving brief online daily quizzes boosted student performance.

Karen Johnson‘s insight:

If this was just formative instead of summative I wonder how many students would engage with it.  As the students in the article say, it is frightening.  I don’t really like using MCQ for a summative assessment so does this mean I can’t make use of this idea?  I think it would help students but I’m trying to find a way to connect it to the summative assessment – any ideas?

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