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Daden – About Mobilescapes

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By using the latest technology we can bring the benefits of immersive learning to mobile users, and those of mobile learning to the immersive experience. Delivering to iPads and Android devices, the user can have the same immersive experience as available on the PC and through the web.

Learning in a virtual space helps improve understanding and retention, develops virtual muscle memory from a rich environment providing spatial awareness and a visceral experience, and increases motivation.

Karen Johnson‘s insight:

Thanks to David Burden for continuing to take the idea of immersive learning forward.  Great David!

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5 Ways To Really Connect With Online Students – Edudemic

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In this world of increased online education, it’s important for students and instructors to really know how to connect with online students.

Karen Johnson‘s insight:

Read this if you want some tips on how to engage with students online in either blended or completely online classes.  Some simple and really good advice.

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The Great Parchment Book | Conserving, digitally reconstructing, transcribing and publishing the manuscript known as the Great Parchment Book.

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You can now start to explore the Great Parchment Book for yourself.

Karen Johnson‘s insight:

I know some of my colleagues will find this really interesting.  Even as just a lover of history, I think this fantastic.  Do watch the video to see what has been done.

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