Are robots creepy?

I don’t often blog at this time of year when students and staff are either weighed down with exams/marking or have been released for a well deserved holiday. I just had to write about this article in ISPR about the Last Minute Robot – robot to comfort you as you die.

I find this fascinating, I like robots and the potential of AI (artificial intelligence) and I don’t find this idea particularly creepy. It is sad, moving, pathetic but not creepy. It says a lot about how we live today but it isn’t creepy. I can think of situations where I might welcome any comfort; such as dying in a pitch black underground train which has just been bombed. (Sorry I have a rather vivid imagination).

Dan Chen’s research moves us on another little step. It gives us a chance to consider another aspect of humanity and how robots and AIs might be integrated.

If this interests you, you might also like to look at how Paro is being used. This news clip talks about “artificial love” but I think they have missed the point – do you?


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