Research Sessions

First off this is to remind you that I have been up dating the Seminars Agenda. Go and have a look at the Research Seminars page to check all the dates, times and info. Also Tom Beollstorff will be doing a Special for us in December – really looking forward to that. (Details also on the Research Seminars page). If you are interested in anthropology research come with your questions prepared 🙂

We have a great little research community. A new member told me she was very impressed with how friendly everyone is. The sessions are all very relaxed (though civilised) and people are always willing to help anyone new to research, education or Second Life.

Been a bit busy, as usual, on the Digital Literacy front. There are two big things taking up my time at the moment. One is writing information for managers so they have a better indication of which policies they need to review in relation to Digital Literacy. The other is creating a “friendly” FAQ about Copyright. When my colleagues and I go over this document we are going to have to divide this up into pieces as it’s already nine pages long and the end is no where in sight! I’ve completed the Creative Commons leaflet, just three pages long.

I think the policies thing is causing me a bigger headache though. Even with lots of lovely help from everything on the LLiDA Project trying to put it into “manager speak” is quite difficult. Digital Literacy touches on just about everything we do. I’m sure that just listing nearly all the policies in the University is not going to help managers know what needs to be done with each of them. If I feel I ever have a satisfactory solution I’ll let you know.

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