What is this?

Urrgh – nasty week last week. Could only just manage the up dates to the Research Seminars diary. Sorry about that everyone.

I have been thinking about an email I read from Helen Beetham. Helen asked, “… what do you think are the contributions that the different groups [librarians, technologists, lecturers, etc] make? Is it helpful to bring our work together under this (somewhat) new term [Digital Literacy], or should digital literacy just be subsumed into what we do already?” Thanks for the question Helen. We’ve talked a lot about the definition of Digital Literacy but I think the question you have asked is more relevant. I feel quite strongly that Digital Literacy is a different (though complementary) thing to all the other specialities. My understanding of Digital Literacy is that it has a wider remit, it takes a different perspective on the role of ICT, Information Literacy, etc in our lives. Digital Literacy is about living not just about learning. Learning is a part of our everyday lives, it is not the whole of it. I believe that Digital Literacy is nearer to communication, and therefore, possibly nearer to Media Literacy. If we look at the wider understanding of learning presented in (some) Mobile Learning articles/posts there is some sort of resonance there with Digital Literacy. Please, please don’t let us lose this chance to make the act of learning in University more relevant to people’s everyday lives.

Do let me know what you all think. I’d really like to chat about this with others.

Oh yes, and I will get around to filling in the rest of the diary for the Research Seminars soon – promise!


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