Work is beginning to expand to the extend that the days (and nights) are rolling in to one and I can’t remember if I did something last month, last week or yesterday! I’ve decided, therefore that I will have to make this blog a weekly one – much as I would like to maintain the daily basis I’m not able to. I don’t like this change but I’d rather say weekly and do it than say daily and not achieve anything. It’s not that I don’t have lot’s to write about, just no time!

So glad to see John Kerrimuir (have I spelt that right) has restarted (a good change) Virtual World Watch again – it makes things feel normal πŸ™‚ Even if he is miles away in the US of A.

Working hard at spreading the word about Digital Literacy. Visiting individual lecturers to talk about anything from how to use Outlook to make their lives easier to, how to avoid problems with the Data Protection Act. I’m also just about to publish two leaflets, one on Creative Commons and one on Good practice in a digital age – part of a series I’m working on. Once I get them online I’ll post a link to them. Now deep in the mind numbing experience of writing another series of leaflets on other Copyright – it makes me want to fall asleep πŸ™‚ Also creating some videos/screen captures on e-submissions, marking and feedback as all of this is becoming compulsory this academic year. And that is just some of the stuff I’m working on – I’ll bore you with the rest at some other time. Hopefully this will all help to create lots of changes in the future.

Just started to change/update the agenda on the Research Seminars page so do pop and have a look in a few days.


5 responses to “Chchchchanges

  1. A R Kennard

    You sound flat out! Interesting stuff though.. been following spate of supportive posts ‘hurrahing’ return VWW .. look forward to yr leaflet on Creative Commons and, being in HE (Derby BS) some stuff on videos/screen captures, etc. (we’re moving to assignment esubs via Turnitin efeedback beginning with Lvl 4).

    • timjohnson

      Oh dear, long delay in replying 😦 It will be interesting to compare notes on how esubmissions and efeedback are acommodated by lecturers.

  2. Mark Childs

    If you;re working on copyright, you might like to see these two excellent videos on copyright
    (and it’s Kirriemuir … you were close :p )

  3. Mark Childs

    Oh I should have explained the videos … both are from the channel questioncopyright … one is called copying is not theft, the other is about why you shouldn’t plagiarise. It’s an interesting (and I think valid) perspective … that it’s ok to use anything you find out on the internet, but you must attribute it.

    • timjohnson

      Thanks for the videos Mark – they’re really cute πŸ™‚ If only everyone would just adopt Creative Commons it would make everyone’s lives a lot easier! Mind you it would also put Copyright lawyers out of business πŸ™‚

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