The start of a new semester

Well now here we all are, lying in the warm sunshine, the man who works in the potting shed has gone back into the house and little weed is nodding behind the flower pots. That’s just for those who remember the Flowerpot Men πŸ™‚ I must just have a cup of tea then I’ll write some more.

Now that the man who works in the potting shed is gone we can all get back to whatever it is we normally have to do – such as promoting Digital Literacy. I am try folks – yes they all cry, you are very trying (ahh the oldies are the best πŸ™‚ ). So, I hear you all say, “what are you doing to promote our wonderful world of Digital Literacy”? Well to start with I’m trying hard to not use the phrase Digital Literacy as it just seems to alienate people. Is anyone else finding this? I just keep trying to do things without actually calling it anything. Which can be difficult at times ‘cos your sentences can get very, very long.

I will be restarting the Research Conferences in Second Life on 29th September – I think this first one will be a colleague of mine talking about some research we are both engaged in with some Media students. I’ll be putting the first part of the schedule up next week on the Research Seminars page of this blog.

I’ve written all my PIDs (Project Initiation Documents) now I just have to wait and see which ones will get through the selection phase. I know this routine is necessary but it just makes things go so slowly – and I’m not known for my patience, I want everything done yesterday and I want it done properly!

I’ve produced a few leaflets over the summer which will be made available over the web. They will also go out as a series of small leaflets for people to pick up in the library. Hopefully the series will be added to over the semester. I’ll put a link to them when they have had the corporate look applied.

Along with some colleagues I’m working on how to keep the lecturers better informed of what is going on in the University in relation to that phrase I don’t use any more. mmmm that sounds very bland, it’s not really. We’re looking at different apps that will be:

  • easy for us to use
  • quick to apply
  • potentially multi authored
  • aggregate items of academic interest

Lectures often complain that they have to look all over the place for the different things they want or even need. We thought we would try to pull it all together for them – but, of course, without too much work for us πŸ™‚

I’ll be presenting (twice) at the Innovative Research in Virtual Worlds on 3rd November. There are a number of other things I’m working on too but I’ll have to tell you about those later. Sorry there aren’t many links in this post but it will get better later as the semester matures.

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