Decisions, decisions

What do write about? It’s not that I have a lot of choice (once I’ve removed copyright from my options). Haven’t had much time for running around the internet today. I’ve been busy trying to work with WizIQ.

What to invest in? I really need a conferencing type of tool that will be useful for anything. By “anything” I mean for example, a meeting with people from a partner college, teaching a large group of students, managing a discussion which includes University staff and the public. WizIQ definitely doesn’t do it – just too difficult for people to enter and there’s no sharing of keyboard and mouse. I tried GoToWebinar which was great, very responsive did everything I needed but didn’t have a video option, so couldn’t see people. I also tried Big Blue Button which was smashing, easy for people to get into, had most of what I wanted (except the keyboard and mouse sharing of course) but it was just much too slow. At least I had a nice email back from the Big Blue Button people thanking me for my feedback and explaining how they were trying to deal with these problems. Have any of you used a good conferencing program lately?

What should I do? I’m being very good and writing my PIDs but still can’t decide which ones are best for taking the Digital Literacy strategy forward. I always watch the OER (Open Education Resources) news for tips and tricks. Saw this today, so do keep an eye on Digitally Ready. It’s a blog from Reading University about how they are trying to develop the standard of Digital Literacy in their institution. I’m going to be watching them closely to see if they encounter the same sort of problems I do. May be they’ll solve some for me 🙂

What’s best to read? I also came across this Open Learning News. A smashing way of bringing a load of news together. It gives me a chance to quickly scan it all before deciding which one I would like to read. It unfortunately has to be only one ‘cos I don’t have time for more 😦

What to drink? I rather like this article from Times Higher. At least it raised a laugh from me. However, my colleague wants a gin rather than Scotch. Now which should I choose?


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