musing on issues from the day

Well that’s another busy day in paradise just about over and done with. Lots going on but I just don’t feel I’ve achieved anything again today. Still a little unsettled by yesterday but I guess it’s wearing off now.

I tried out WizIQ today – can’t say I was that impressed with it but then may be it’s not supposed to do much. I’ll try it out again tomorrow with some press-ganged volunteers. We need good technology if we are to convince people to join in with the digital world. I can remember ages ago someone saying that you should give the best equipment to the most timid/sceptical users if you want to get them using IT. I also don’t think outsiders are that impressed if you use cheap technology that barely does a competent job. Still let’s wait and see, I might be judging prematurely. I wish we demonstrated a more up beat approach to things like these American schools I just read about.

I’ve just been listening to Sir Ken Robinson. This YouTube video was recorded at the recent Blackboard Conference in the USA. Ken Robinson is very amusing (which cheered me up) but, on a more serious note, I think you should have a listen to him. There is a lot he says about education that I sometimes feel Higher Education has lost sight of and many, may be, don’t even care about. As with the American schools I mentioned above, if HE would only start to realise that it is all so much bigger than just using technology or learning to use a new technology. How we teach is often affected by the technologies available to us but the technologies available to us still often don’t seem to be able to do what we would like to do with our teaching. May be we just need more people like Ken Robinson to help us see what it is we are really looking at.


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