Of we go into the wide blue yonder

My mind was still on publishers of academic books and textbooks this morning when I was shuffling round the web to see what was on. Not surprising I suppose seeing that I’m still trying to write the ebook guidelines. I was really pleased to read some news from Wolfram (I couldn’t remember why the name was familiar – Wolfram and Hart were the firm of solicitors in the TV programme Angel). Excuse the aside, this is not about vampires it’s about a new file format that Wolfram have developed called Computable Document Format (CDF); as the Wolfram blog says it brings “documents to life with the power of computation”. You do have to download a hefty plugin (533mb) but it’s worth it, even if it’s just to see the Pearson textbook on calculus that has just won an award. Fantastic this is what all textbooks should be like, interacting with the rest of the web and with the student directly. Watch this YouTube video; I love these guys!

After all that excitement I was really interested to read more about Digital Humanities. I do a little bit of scripting and such like but no proper programming so I always said I was on the “soft side” of Health Informatics. That soft side seemed to have within it a thing that became known as Digital Literacy. A few months ago I became aware that there was something that called itself Digital Humanities. I first tripped over this idea through Twitter and Claire Ross who works at UCL in the Centre for Digital Humanities. and I found my knowledge base had quite a lot in common with it. May be my friends and I, and others who read this blog should be looking to the Digital Humanities for like-minded people and interesting research topics? If you’re interested in this here are a couple of links for you. Lincoln Mullen’s blog from April last year and ProfHacker’s report from THATcamp this year.

Sorry can’t stop any longer – must go and read something else 🙂

Whoops some how this didn’t get published yesterday – sorry!!

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