There and back again

I’ve been busy since I returned from holiday – not just clearing out my Inbox but starting to get back down to working on Digital Literacy stuff.

Just before I went on holiday I attended a very interesting and stimulating conference at UCL in London (the Fifth Bloomsbury Conference on e-Publishing and e-Publications). I must tell you about some of the presentations and discussions that went on there. As usual I’ve put some stuff about this conference on my other blog which might interest you too. The conference was just the right size – lots of individual people to talk to but a small enough crowd to hold a conversation with the whole group. And what a collection of people, publishers, authors, academics, technicians, social media specialists, research media specialists, librarians, archivists, etc, etc. I hope that the presentations from the conference will be available soon so I can add a link to them from here.

Now that I’ve returned from the buzz of London and am home here at work, I’ve been ruminating on the conference. Even though I have listened to some of the arguments about the problems of publishing academic and text books in ePub format I cannot understand the reluctance of publishers to make the change from paper. As ePub3became “official” in May this year why are publishers still holding back? Why are they not working on the problems with diagrams, footnotes, sidebars, images, etc themselves? Why are they still just doing different things with PDF? PDF or Text files are really difficult to read on a screen. I keep hearing publishers say that they want to give the customer what they want but they seem to be ignoring the fact that what the customer wants from them is the sort of service they get from Kindle and iBook. I accept that there are problems and that Kindle documents are a strange version of ePub but please publishers can’t you all get together and tell us that you are at least working towards giving us the type of service we need!

Sorry just had to get that off my chest, I’ll tell you a little more about the conference and some other things tomorrow.


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