Next Research Seminar and blog post

I’m going to be out of the scene for a few weeks. First I have a conference to go to and then I’m on two weeks annual leave – hurrah!. Whoops – I mean I’m going to miss you all so much πŸ™‚

The Research Seminars will start back in September, see the entry I’ve left in blue writing on the Research Seminars page for more details. I’ll start blogging again when I get back from leave which will be mid-July.

Despite all the heat today I was very good and managed to concentrate just long enough to have a meeting with a colleague. We had to discuss the three things I will be working on this coming semester. Some of the work I do is very closely related to Libby’s so we need to know what each other are doing. Don’t want to spoil other people’s plans just ‘cos I haven’t considered how my own ideas might affect them. So we discussed the draft of the OER Guidelines which form part of the OER Strategy (you can read them from here OERFramework20110527) that I hope to use as a pilot ‘cos Libby might need to direct people to me, the once a month Webinars for staff which Libby and her team might want to use, and the “Digital Literacy on View” (can’t think of another name for it at the moment) which will try to find problems that can be solved with technology and will be starting off with QR codes.

So you can understand why I’ve been thinking about OER today. I know that isn’t very exciting for some of you but it is something I’m supposed to be working on. I can’t wait for Dave White’s report to come out. The JISC page about the project indicate that these are the two key areas of interest of the study: “Investigating the patterns of behaviour around the use and reuse of OER” and “Examining the impact of these behaviours on teaching and learning strategies from institutional, tutor and student perspectives”. I think this report will tell us a lot about how we should proceed with OER.

In my previous post I mentioned that online resources are not necessarily OER. I think I will need to explain this to people in the booklet that is part of the OER Strategy. We seem to have been shilly-shallying about with exactly what OER are for ages but things are becoming clearer now. I think there are still some who though who want to apply a broader meaning to OER to include anything that is open access and can be used in education as a resource. I think there is a need though for OER to be recognised as learning materials. OER should be recognised as having a particular structure that provides learners (whether university students or not) with ways to self assess their own learning. This interpretation of OER seems to be becoming more dominant now thank goodness. Just putting a recording of a lecture out on the web is really not much better than having a book. It might be useful to students who are doing the course but it’s not an OER, it’s just supporting material for the module.

Oh dear, I went on more than I meant to. Even though I’m away please do still add comments, I’ll join in again as soon as I’m back. In other words, talk amongst yourselves for a while πŸ™‚


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