A muddled day

I looked at so much stuff today my head feels gummed-up, yuck 😦 Looked at what was going on in Twitter with Digital Literacy (⌗digitalliteracy, ⌗jiscdiglit), copyright (⌗Coadec) and OERs (⌗oer, ⌗ukoer). Took a look round some OERs (e.g. the Virtual Analytical Laboratory, like this one) and the online elearning MSc at Edinburgh (yeh I know it’s a whole course but it is good). Then read through some of the Leicester University OER Toolkit and skimmed the rest. The Leicester document was very interesting but, as far as I’ve read, they seem to have missed at least two major points. One is that online content is not in itself an OER. The other is, where is the support for lecturers, librarians, educational technologists, etc in all of this. It doesn’t feel like a toolkit for producing OER, it feels like a toolkit for checking OER, such as:- what’s the procedure for taking down an OER once it’s been published. As far as I’m concerned that sort of thing is part of the OER Strategy not the Toolkit.

As I said in the previous post, in order to get people to create OER in the first place, you have to remove the fear. Fear in this sort of situation takes many forms but there are two main ones. The fear that I’m going to get sued and/or get the University sued and the fear that I’m going to do something really silly and make myself look an idiot. If I was a lecturer thinking of creating an OER the Leicester Toolkit would make me stop before I’d started. So that’s why I’m doing it differently.

It’s now 21.45 so I’ll write about other stuff that I found today on Monday.

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