Sketching the idea

I’m really tired tonight so just a few musings to ensure I get simple ideas recorded. It’s often the simple ideas that seem to get lost along the way.

What do I need to include to ensure an OER strategy is complete? I’m a great believer in looking at a whole thing and then deconstructing it to find out what makes it tick or, put another way, looking at an answer and then working backwards to find out what the questions were.

What I want to end up with is a method that everyone can follow and everyone can obtain reassurance from. It has to start with everyone knowing how to get started when their OER is just a twinkle in their eye, before it has any real form or is even, may be, recognisable as an OER. Where does one start – is this the point where fear creeps in and prevents the lecturer or whoever from taking their idea any further? So it is necessary to say, this is the start and this is how you ensure you obtain the necessary help. It is not just a matter of obtaining help though, there is also the issue of trying to prevent anything from being put in their way, therefore the policies and processes involved in creating an OER, right from the start, have to be examined and evaluated against the changing needs of education. Thus I find I have to write (or should I say continuously re-write) three things, guidelines for anyone who wants to create an OER, a booklet of something like FAQ, only they probably aren’t ‘cos people don’t even know what questions to ask and, finally, the document that underpins all of that, the strategy itself.

Well the first part the guidelines are already drafted and now need to be piloted with, I hope, three different groups who will be focusing on three different outputs. One group would be purely information giving, the second would include some information giving and a low-level of learning whilst the third would be purely educational. That will enable me to test whether the guidelines meet all needs that might arise for OER in the University. Now I just have to find some volunteers 🙂 Wish me luck!

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