The outcome

Don’t know if any of you will find this interesting or not. Apart from other things I might blog about I thought I’d write about my work. The JISC call about digital literacy gave me the idea – they wanted people to keep a record of how things had developed. I thought I’d do that in my own small way, you never know it might be helpful to someone or someone might tell me something useful πŸ™‚ The first thing is that I survived the “big day” and I now have eight things to follow-up for this coming semester.

  • Piloting an OER strategy
  • Writing a guideline for using online resources
  • Establishing a lunchtime webinar for staff (list of subjects needed)
  • Discovering problems that can be solved by new technologies (first in line is QR codes)
  • Continue to write the reports and update/maintain the strategy
  • Continue to write these two blogs
  • Continue with the Research Seminars
  • Continue with the teaching I currently do

I completely forgot about the work I’m going to be doing in relation to the new library so I’ll have to get back to my bosses about that. Hey they could follow my progress by watching the blog! πŸ™‚

I know that list above doesn’t seem like very much but there are loads of things hidden in there – I guess they will become apparent as the blog continues.


2 responses to “The outcome

  1. Paul Williams

    Feels like quite a list to me Tim, so I wouldn’t undersell it! Remember we’re going from a standing start here, and I think these are achievable goals (given limited staffing resource too of course). An OER strategy in itself is a real step forwards and I feel really positive about the process flows to make people think about what they are creating.

    I honestly think exciting times ahead.


  2. The OER strategy sounds fantastic, Tim! I’m planning on keeping a much closer eye on your blogs (finally got around to updating my much neglected blog reader with important feeds) so am looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

    I also think exciting times ahead, from my buried-in-analysis (and therefore neglecting everything else) perspective πŸ™‚

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