Big day tomorrow

Tomorrow I will find out just what I’m to be allowed to do next academic year. I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified 🙂 Hopefully it will not be similar to many previous experiences where I have just been disappointed. The people I work for now are very nice so I guess it will all go ok.

How many of those who teach or promote Digital Literacy find that just when they think they are making progress, it all slows down to a crawl! From talking to colleagues it seems that many of us experience this time and again. Is it just Digital Literacy or is it just HE? Looking at the news on the web today I feel as if there is a change starting. In America Apps usage has increased past web usage, there is starting to be far more interest in OER (OOER, Free to Learn, DELILA) and there are reports of some really big things happening out there (ReadWriteWeb1, ReadWriteWeb2.

Does anyone else feel that things are starting to look up on the Digital Literacy front? Is it just me being helplessly optimistic 🙂


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