The end of a long day

What a lot to do today! Only just got round to doing my bit for this blog 🙂 Excuse me if it’s not very long.

I’ve come across a number of things today such as Purdue’s Mixable (a page from 2010!), JISC Media Hub and this article from Matthew K. Gold’s blog. This started me thinking, in general, about how we use technologies for teaching in HE. Then this afternoon I was in a meeting where, amongst other things, we talked about how widespread was the use of mobile technologies in learning and teaching in HE. There seemed to be a consensus that things were improving in places but it was all still rather slow.

It seems rather a shame to me that there are some places that have really cottoned on to the idea of working with the technologies that students and the general public are used to using. Most others still seem to be trying to impose somewhat outdated technologies in the misguided belief that these are somehow more proper or academic than things like Facebook and Twitter.

What is it that holds us back? Fear of appearing to be taking too much risk with our student satisfaction outcomes? Well others have gone before us, they have encountered the risks and have learnt to overcome them – can’t we learn from them? Is it just fear of risk itself – have we become over-sensitized to risk? I always thought it was the clever, brave, courageous people in universities that were the ones happy to take risks – it’s one of the reasons I wanted to be one of them. May be I was wrong, may be they are just a load of old fuddy duddies after all.

I do so hope that one of them is a knight in shining armour or perhaps an Indiana Jones.

Oh btw, sorry about the lack of pictures in my other blog but WordPress didn’t seem to want to put them in :$


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