Daily Archives: 2011/05/27

The end of another week

Here we are at the end of another week and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Too bad the weather’s not going to be a bit better :$ Still I’ve had a nice time this week looking round what’s going on with Digital Literacy stuff.

Found some interesting stuff on Sitepoint about Creative Commons licensed audio and visual resources. This is the sort of stuff we need to spread about in our universities. Finding, using, evaluating these resources is what the students need to be doing to learn about being Digitally Literate. Having fun playing with these resources.

Now what else was it that I thought interesting? Oh yes, did you see that the Immersive Education (iED) group have opened a European section – the University of Essex seems to be involved in it – anyone heard anything? I’m not sure how much it would catch on with universities iED seems rather school centred to me. What do you think?

btw has anyone used Publish or Perish. I was reading somewhere (ahh now I remember it was on the LSE blog) that it was more use to academics/researchers for tracking where they have been cited than Google or Web of Science. Has anyone else compared them?

And, finally – as I was wondering around I popped back to the LLiDA Wiki to look again at some of the Pilot Materials. I think it would be useful to use the Audit tool on a regular basis, like every couple of years. What do the rest of you think?