Anna Peachey’s talk

Hurray another successful recording 🙂 – I’m just waiting for the video to be uploaded to Screencast. As soon as it’s done I’ll put it on the Research Seminars page. Mind you knowing how long this process takes you might not find the recording until tomorrow morning 🙂


2 responses to “Anna Peachey’s talk

  1. Mark Childs

    Me again – feedback on the machinima you created. I think the large pop-up yellow boxes are unnecessary and a bit disruptive – the chat box is perfectly readable in full screen mode, and works because it’s in sync with the verbal discussions. I’d suggest not including them in further recordings – what does everyone else think?

  2. timjohnson

    Yes Mark, I agree. I hadn’t really looked at it till tonight. I thought people wouldn’t be able to see the Chat as well as I do. Just thought I had a really good screen 🙂 It will also save me lots of time!

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